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Kris Halliday is a world renowned luxury designer & builder who is elevating the possibilities of what a luxury home can be. What sets Kris apart is the fact that he is the Architectural, Interior, & Landscape Designer, as well as the Master Builder of all his bespoke luxury mansions. Throughout his 27 years of experience, Kris Halliday has designed & built homes all over the world; starting in his native home of Australia, making his way to Canada in the early 2000's and now moving to his dream location of Malibu & Southern California, USA to create his Ultimate Collection of Bespoke Luxury Super Mansions. Kris has honed his building knowledge and architectural design skills to be able to personally complete, to the highest level, any and all aspects of construction. It is this diverse skill set and unique experience that allows all design and construction to be performed by Kris Halliday and his in-house team with little to no subcontracting; something absolutely essential for confidentiality & privacy when building for society's ultra-elite celebrities and billionaire cliental.

When Kris Halliday designs a luxury home, his goal is to leave a legacy; to create a home that will stand the test of time and won't go out of style for 500 years. For this reason, Kris only designs and builds homes that exceed 20,000 sq ft and above. Having designed and built luxury homes in excess of 50,000 sq ft, Kris knows what it takes to build large and complex projects; given the construction is done using super reinforced concrete which is a completely different level above traditional wood frame construction. Kris is constantly striving to create the most elite level homes and has extensively studied how to best build the most long lasting, sustainable and technologically advanced homes possible.

Coming to California, especially Malibu, was always a dream of mine, I believe its where the most amazing homes in the world are created and I am exceptionally grateful to now leave my mark.
—Kris Halliday