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Professional Experience, Efficiency, and Speed

When you design and build with MKH Developments, you work with Kris Halliday personally throughout the entire design and build process, streamlining your build while eliminating hundreds of interactions with different personnel that lead to building delays, miscommunication, and an overall lack of direction. This is why Kris Halliday and MKH Developments have a proven track record of delivering homes over 20,000 sq. ft. in less than 18 months. What makes MKH Developments the premiere luxury mansion developer in Malibu, Vancouver, and the world over is the fact that we do everything from start to finish, and we only design and build the Absolute Best luxury mansions.

Kris Halliday’s Design Philosophy

Kris has designed and built a variety of different styles and sized homes throughout his career. He has now refined his style to be a modern, light filled open home surrounded by nature with real earthly elements and a focus on feng shui balance for a home with a wonderful peaceful energy. He also gives a nod to ancient civilizations and takes inspiration from Asian influences mixed with western housing ideals.

Homes Designed & Built to Last 400-500 Years

Why rebuild or build new with wood? Southern California is renowned for having bad fires and earthquakes so wouldn’t it make sense to build a structure that can withstand the elements? Our latest building philosophy’s incorporate choosing land in the right location, build the super structure with reinforced concrete and incorporate a fire protection system utilising full internal sprinkler system, roof flooding and exterior house irrigation controlled and powered off grid with well water.

An Environmentally Friendly Heart of the Home

California has some of the strictest regulations in the world for building green. While building the structure in concrete may not seem the best for the environment it is certainly better than building with wood and having that house burn down and then rebuilding and then in 100 years having to rebuild again and so on it goes. Our ideal home system is a deep pit septic system that eventually recycles all the water back to the underground aquifer where all water is pumped from and run through an advanced home water purification system. The energy comes from a whole-home solar system with full battery storage backup to power the home at night and through blackouts. The heating and cooling are controlled naturally by building a highly insulated home that inherently regulates itself. The little heating and cooling required is powered by radiant floor heating and linear air diffusers over the windows and doors exactly where it's needed. The advanced system takes energy from the air and has the ability to heat and cool at the same time meaning you can heat your pool while cooling your home using the same energy.

What You're Getting at the End

The interior/ exterior finishing of a luxury mansion by Kris Halliday is an authentic, tactile, and wonderfully sensory experience. There is no place for shiny, ostentatious, sterile surfaces or objects. Our design philosophy means you should want to touch and feel every surface in the home which is the opposite of how many luxury homes feel these days.

Through quality and a refined palate exudes confidence, sophistication and acceptance.
—Kris Halliday